First Congregational Church Nursery School is located on Brookside Road in the heart of historic Darien, CT. We are so proud of our long-standing Nursery School - our doors have been open since 1960!

At First Congregational Church Nursery School, we seek to provide each child with a meaningful experience favorable to growth and development.  Our school offers a friendly, social atmosphere where a child’s feeling of self-respect and self-confidence is developed, as well as appreciation and consideration for others. A strong belief in the value that play is the work of the preschooler provides an environment where preschoolers focus on fun, while benefitting from the “hidden” advantages of play-based learning. We seek to provide families with a caring learning environment in a safe and healthy setting with a focus is on educating the whole child: emotional health, social relationships, creativity, and academic growth. 

FCCNS is where your child's journey begins!



Welcome to First Congregational Church Nursery School! FCCNS is a truly joyful place to be, where teaching is a vocation and a passion, not just a job. We love what we do and are committed to helping the children become the ‘best they can be.’  The squeals of laughter can be heard in the classrooms, the halls, and on our gorgeous playground.

As a child-centered, play-based program, we honor the curiosity of each child. We value ‘play’ as purposeful, and know that curiosity leads to learning. We are guided by a child’s interests, and model and teach values. Our teachers come with years of experience, many with higher degrees in education, and still their enthusiasm remains young. They love to learn and share that love with the children.  

As our doors opened in September our concern about a child’s separation due to the lengthy stay at home proved not to be the case. The children were so happy to be with friends again, and to make new friends, which doubled down on our commitment as a nursery school that what we were doing was absolutely the right thing to do. 

In a normal year you would be able to walk the halls on a tour, see the magical art work of the children, hear the children’s voices as they march and sing to well-known tunes, and hear wonderful story books being read and acted out. We hope to capture our enthusiasm and that of the children in the short video we will soon be posting. 

'Joyful' is the word that captures the hearts and souls of our children, and 'play' is their very important work. We welcome you to become part of our family!

 ~Sylvia Walsh~

Interim Director



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We are so lucky to have such a wonderful network of parents and caregivers who support our mission at First Congregational Church Nursery School. Read what some of our parents - past & present -  have to say about their experiences with us over the years.

"FCCNS was an incredible experience for both my kids. I was blown away by the teachers...their attentiveness, their knowledge and their genuine enthusiasm to get to know my children and our family. It is so clear that they care deeply about their role as educators. My kids really thrived at FCCNS and I would recommend it whole-heartedly to any family looking for a familial, warm community for their child."

Andrea H.

"FCCNS was such an instrumental part of our move to the suburbs. From the first day, we felt welcomed by the warm community of teachers and families. I felt extremely lucky to have my eldest daughter enjoy the opportunity to participate in Pre-K, as I watched her academic and social acuity flourish. My youngest is obsessed with music, with Ms. Picache and Messy Art class. They both beam with happiness when I pick them up each day!"

Nicole L.

"It was very important for our family to find a preschool that met the standards of our school in the NYC when we moved. From the moment we walked into FCCNS, from the colorful artwork hanging on the walls to the incredible playground, I felt a connection. My three boys have loved going there, have learned so much from the incredibly dedicated teachers and we have felt very welcomed into the warm and friendly community there - truly a hidden gem!"

Ashley S.



Find out what's been happening at First Congregational Church Nursery School!

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FCCNS is located in and affiliated with the First Congregational Church of Darien. The First Congregational Church of Darien is an accepting and welcoming community where faith in Christ’s teachings makes a difference in our lives, in our homes, and in the world. We are a close spiritual family, eager to make room for new friends at worship and to get the good word out about our church and the work we do. Please join us at Sunday Service!

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Interested in learning more about First Congregational Church Nursery School?  We would love to hear from you!  Please contact Sylvia Walsh, Interim Director of FCCNS.

Interim Director: Sylvia Walsh

Phone: 203-655-3150


Address: 14 Brookside Drive, Darien CT, 06820