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Our 2’s program is focused on providing a fun, safe, and positive initial learning experience. It is a year of immense growth socially, with enhanced language development so the children can verbalize their thoughts, and advocate for their wants and needs. The curriculum is based on the school’s philosophy of ‘learning through play.’ Our goal is to create a friendly, social atmosphere where children’s feelings of self-understanding and self-confidence are developed, as well as respect and consideration for others. In addition, the students will learn all about nature, seasons, weather, and animals as they discover colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. As active learners they dance, sing, and paint the days away.


​Our 3’s program builds on our school philosophy of ‘play based learning.’ The children continue to develop their language skills, increasing vocabulary as they read stories, and learn new songs and poems. Their social development is strengthened as they now are beginning to play ‘with’ one another and not just alongside one another. They must listen, follow simple directions and learn how socialize and be part of a ‘group’. Their sense of play has expanded... imaginary play grows as they gain confidence. Independence and conflict solving follow.  Letter and number recognition begins. They are able to complete simple projects.  It is a wonderful year of social and emotional growth!


​Our 4’s program promotes self-confidence and self-awareness in the children as they navigate through social situations and daily exposure to fun-filled, pre-academic activities. In our multi-sensory lessons the children are exposed to letter recognition and phonemic awareness, basic math concepts and scientific explorations, as they develop their fine and gross motor skills. We strive to engage the children playfully as they make meaningful connections incorporating hands-on discovery, movement, song, dramatic play, sensory exploration and literature. We foster a creative, happy and productive environment in which the children hopefully develop a love of school and of learning.


At FCCNS we try to ensure that the Pre-K children are happy and engaged learners.  We want them to come into their classroom knowing that it is a comfortable and safe environment for them to have fun and learn through play. Our goal is for the children to form a friendly relationship with their teachers and their classmates so they feel free to explore a multitude of activities, and know that their ideas are respected.  We strive to help the children develop their social and emotional skills. We promote confidence and encourage independence so that the children will be more comfortable engaging in challenging tasks.

In the Pre-K we support the children as they build upon and fine tune their writing skills, gross and fine motor skills, recognize words in print and phonemic applications.  Math and Science are an important part of the curriculum and are incorporated into our daily activities, as are sensory opportunities, imaginary play and multicultural awareness.  This framework provides our Pre-K children with an abundance of learning opportunities.

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