THANK YOU to the following FCCNS families for helping us raise OVER $97,000  for our playground:  

Bergen, Bogdan, Bohlen, Boothby, Breslin, Brody, Brucker, Burkhart, Conk, Craig, DeSalvo, Diverio, Eising, Everdell, Farnum, Fisher, Fodor, Fusco, Geisen, Gorski, Gourlay, Griswold, Heatherington, Henry, Huntington, Imbriglia, Jaegar, Johnson, Kelleher, Kiss, Lesica, Leuffer, Linville, Marr, McBride, McCurdy, McLarnon, McLaughlin, Menzies, Montero, Mooney, Mott, Munch, Murphy, O'Brien, O'Connor, Pajak, Patterson, Pellenberg, Popp, Post, Rand, Riebe, Ryan, Savage, Scanlon, Swenson, Taylor, Toothaker, Vacca, Van de Graaf, Waterfield, Wensek, Wolfe


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Welcome to our FCCNS Playground Online Fundraising site to make donating quick and easy!


The FCCNS Parent Playground Committee is raising funds to expand and remodel our existing playground into a fun, new, and innovative space! Outdoor play is critical in advancing a child’s development - offering physical, social and emotional benefits. Unfortunately, our FCCNS playground is past the end of its lifecycle, being 25 years since it was installed. Your support is essential and truly appreciated. Every dollar raised through this fundraising drive contributes towards our $200,000 goal. Because FCCNS is a 501(c)3 organization, your donation is tax deductible and eligible for employer matching. 

If you are making a donation in honor of Janis Atha please note with online donation or in check memo. 

If you are making a “Milestone” donation, please consider mailing in a check to avoid service charges.

Checks can made out to:
FCC Nursery School
14 Brookside Road
Darien, CT 06820

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Plaque with name at entrance to playground

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Plaque with name displayed on playground equipment

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Name on new fencing slats

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Name displayed on brick

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