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The Virginia V. Lindsey Scholarship Fund

The Virginia V. Lindsey Scholarship Fund was created 30 years ago for the purpose of providing financial assistance to families of children in our community who may have limited options and resources.  With the generosity of the FCCNS community, over $225,000 in partial and full scholarships have been awarded to families in need since the fund was created. 

This spirit week we ask that the FCCNS community remember those in need and consider the life-long benefits of quality early childhood education.  Any small amount will help provide that life changing experience to another family.  No amount is too small and every dollar makes a difference in helping us reach our goal of $5,000. 

Please feel free to donate online or drop a check in the office at your convenience.  We appreciate each and every member of our FCCNS community and thank you for all that you do to help our community grow!

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