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Pre-K Teacher

I am Patty Giesen better known by my grandchildren as PG!!! I graduated with a liberal arts degree from Marymount University. My husband and I have lived in Darien since 1981. We raised all three of our children here. Two of my children and 1 grandchild attended FCCNS. My husband also works in Darien. All of our children live here so I guess you could say we are pretty invested in this town and this school. To make it more interesting my sister also worked at FCCNS for many years. She recently retired but her daughter has 2 children attending the 3’s and 4’s programs.

I have worked with three different teachers since I started here and each one of them has become not only my colleague but a cherished friend. I started teaching at FCCNS in the three-day three’s and eventually the 5-day 4’s. My co-teacher, at the time, and I developed the curriculum for the opening of the first pre-kindergarten class at FCCNS. I cannot tell you how much I have learned about early childhood education from my experiences with the children, the fabulous and loving teachers, and the guidance from the three different directors I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by.

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